The Tail of Two Brothers: A Rift Between Dragons

SKU: 9781633852549

By Rachel Schaffner

In a far away land known as DragonLandia, there are four dragons who are destined to save their world from falling into a fourth war. Together, they will learn more about their homeland s deepest secrets and origins as well as more about each other. The four face dangerous tasks, long and treacherous journeys, all to discover the answer to their one question: Why start a war? Their legacy begins the day their eggs were hatched. Following and leading each by turn they join two brothers Skreemer and Reaper and their friends Alex, Riptide, Fire Tail, and many more to defeat a common evil. As they journey, they meet enemies, gain alliances and learn new things. Will they have the courage to defend their home land from the evils of a tyrant king while seeing all that they have loved crumble in the claws of a maniacal, battle-crazy, bloodthirsty, dragon?

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Price: $13.56