Mystery Lovers Bookshop Response to the Uvalde School Shooting at Robb Elementary School

Mystery Lovers Bookshop is a privately owned Independent Bookstore in Oakmont, PA. Ownership is shared between business partners Tara Goldberg-DeLeo and Kristy Bodnar.


As parents and mothers of elementary school children our hearts are absolutely shattered by yet another school shooting. We are heartbroken over the shootings in Buffalo and Laguna Woods. There are no words to describe our outrage, our sadness and our fear for the inevitable next mass shooting - a problem unique to our developed country.


Now through this weekend, we are not going to have a Memorial Day Sale. Instead, we are going to donate 10% of all of sales, both online and in-store to Sandy Hook Promise.

The mission of Sandy Hook Promise is to end school shootings and create a culture change that prevents violence and other harmful acts that hurt children.

You can learn more about Sandy Hook Promise online here or donate directly.


If you were planning to purchase some books to read this long holiday weekend, we ask you to consider wallet activism and put your spending power to action.