Kalmann  by Joachim B. Schmidt

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by Joachim B. Schmidt

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Softback 384

ISBN: 9781913394684-UK

  • Published: 19 May 2022
  • Classifications:
  • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945),
  • Crime & mystery


He is the self-appointed sheriff of Raufarho fn, a sleepy town in northern Iceland, and has everything under control. There's no need to worry. Day by day, he treks the wide plains which surround the almost deserted village, hunts Arctic foxes and lays shark bait in the sea - to process the fish into the Icelandic fermented delicacy, ha karl.

But inside Kalmann's head, the wheels sometimes spin backwards. One winter, after he discovers a pool of human blood in the snow, the swiftly unfolding events threaten to overwhelm him. But with his naive wisdom and pure-hearted courage, he makes sure everything takes a turn for the better.

There's no need to worry. "It can get pretty dark under a polar bear." Kalmann


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