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Welcome to the NEW Mystery Lovers Bookshop Website!

Greetings! And, welcome to our new website! After months of hard work, we are so excited to finally be able to reveal the new website. 🙂

When Trevor and I first took ownership of Mystery Lovers back in May 2015, we knew that we’d eventually have to tackle the store’s website. The original website had been the creation of original owners, Richard and Mary Alice, and they did such a fabulous job building a very robust, all-encompassing site. However, as technology evolved over the years, the site became difficult to maintain. So, while it was a hard decision to make, we decided it was best to start FRESH.

The new website may take a bit to get used to, but overall we think you will find it is very intuitive and user-friendly. Some things to note about the new site:

  • Not ALL of our inventory is currently listed. Hang in there. We are working hard to get all of our amazing books up on the site, but it will take some time. As always, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, CALL US!
  • Some new categories — We have added a couple new categories to the site – Bestsellers, IndieNext Picks, and Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures.
    • The Bestsellers category will cover books currently (or very recently) featured on the NY Times Bestseller List.
    • The IndieNext Picks category will cover recent books featured on the monthly IndieNext Lists from IndieBound. These books are voted on by independent booksellers all over the country, and include selections from every genre.
    • Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures will feature titles from authors visiting Pittsburgh as part of the Ten Evenings and Words & Pictures lecture series.
  • Regular users of our old website – You will need to create a *new* account. Past accounts were not transferred over. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!
  • Shipping. Due to increases in postage, FREE SHIPPING will now apply to orders over $50. You will need to enter in the FREE SHIPPING coupon code – FREESHIP – during checkout to receive your discount.
  • Payment. Our new site will process your payment automatically. We will do our best to process and ship your order as soon as possible. We will communicate with you via email or phone, if needed.
  • Events are back on the site! You can now see all of our upcoming events here and on Facebook.
  • THIS BLOG! This blog is new to the site. I will try my best to update it frequently with news, reviews, etc. If you have a suggestion, shoot me an email at

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, we have something else to reveal (although, you’ve probably already noticed): OUR NEW LOGO!

Mystery Lovers Bookshop LogoTrevor and I wanted to honor the tradition of Mystery Lovers while prepping it for the next 25 years, and we think our new logo conveys that message. We hope you love it as much as we do! We will have new mugs, tote bags, and t-shirts available for purchase shortly. In the meantime, we have bookmarks and buttons for you, free of charge!

Please, give us a call or shoot us an email with any questions, comments, etc. And, welcome again, to the new Mystery Lovers Bookshop website!

Thanks for all your continued support!

Natalie & Trevor

5 thoughts on "Welcome to the NEW Mystery Lovers Bookshop Website!"

Mary Sutton says:

Looks fabulous, guys. Great job!

Natalie Sacco says:

Thanks, Mary!!

Barb caulkind says:

What a wonderful new beginning. Looks fabulous. I love the new logo. A few years back we cruised the streets to find this wonderful bookstore. And all mysteries to top it off. A day like never before. Thank you all yous have completed to make the store a wonderful enchantment. Kudos off to yous.

Kathleen Oft says:

Will the new Web site continue to place the mysteries in the order they were Published? That feature was very helpful to those of us us that have obsessive compulsive disorder–in other words, we like to read our favorite authors in order so we don’t miss anything!,

Natalie Sacco says:

Hi Kathleen,

Unfortunately, they will not be listed by pub date. All books are listed alphabetically. This was a bummer to us as well, but that is how the store plug-in functions. However, we will continue to number the series (i.e. #4 in the Kinsey Millhone mystery series, etc.). is a good resource for finding the lists of series in order.


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