Frequently Asked Questions

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What is The Mysterious Book Subscription?

The Mysterious Book Subscription is a subscription book service designed and managed by the staff at Mystery Lovers Bookshop.  Each month a curated book selection is sent to subscribers based upon their subscription plan. Purchase a subscription as a gift for yourself or for a loved one, or both!  Each month you will receive a mystery that is a mystery!

Does my subscription auto-renew?

Yes, each plan auto-renews at the end of each billing cycle.  We will contact your prior to the renewal date to confirm the renewal terms.

When will I be billed for my subscription plan?

You will be charged for your subscription plan selection as soon as you sign up. Subscriptions auto-renew on the last day of the month of your subscription term.  Questions about billing?  Email us at

When will I receive my first Mysterious Book Subscription delivery?

Book selections ship once a month between the 19-22nd of the month.  If you purchase your subscription plan before the 19th of the month, you will receive your first book the same month you have subscribed.  If you purchase your plan the 19th or later, your first book will ship during the shipping period the following month.  You will receive an email each month with your tracking number and ship date.  Books are shipped via USPS media mail ONLY.  We are not shipping internationally at this time.  

If I select the hardcover option, will I receive the same book as the paperback option for the same plan?

Great question and the answer is no.  The book selection for the hardcover version of a plan will differ from the paperback version of a plan.  This is for several reasons.  The majority of books are not published in both paperback and hardcover at the same time.  Some books are published only as paperback and some hardcover books are not published as a paperback for years after their original publications.  For this reason, it would be too difficult and our selection to small if we tried to use the same book for both plan options.  

If I select the hardcover or paperback option, will you select new releases?

We will select new releases for both the paperback and hardcover versions of any plan and we will always attempt to provide first editions.  If we select books that are part of a series, we will make sure they can be read as a stand alone.

What is the shipping rate?

This subscription is using a media mail shipping rate of $4.99/shipment and this rate is included in the cost of the subscription plan.  We are presently only shipping to the USA.  International shipping may be supported in the near future.  You can email us for more information on future international shipping support.

What if I want to change my subscription plan?

You can email us to make changes to your subscription plan.  You can email us to change billing terms or to change your subscription type.  Billing changes will take effect the next billing cycle and subscription plan changes will take effect the following month.

Can I change my credit card on record for billing?

You can email us and provide your name and telephone number and we will call you to update your payment method.  Please do NOT send your credit card information to us via email.

Can I cancel my plan?

We will be so sad to see you go, but totally understand.  You can email us at to cancel your subscription at the end of the your billing term.  

What if I move or my gift subscription recipient moves?

Please email us to change the delivery address for your subscription plan.

I am giving this as a gift, how will you know?

If you are giving the subscription as a gift and would like a message to be included to the recipient, please enter it in the comments/message field.  We will include a card and your personalized note in the first shipment that includes your gift message.  Shipping information will be sent to the person on record who has purchased the plan (so we will send the shipping information to you if you buy this as a gift for someone), unless otherwise instructed to send the shipping information to the gift recipient. 

Can I return the book if I already have it?

While we hope this doesn't happen, we understand it might.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept returned books but we suggest you pay it forward and donate or gift the book to a fellow bibliophile.  

Can I purchase a gift subscription in the store?

Absolutely!  Visit us in store and ask for a subscription form.  You complete the form and we will get you setup with the next possible subscription delivery date.

What if I don't receive my delivery?

Shipping is via media mail and has a tracking number.  Sometimes things do get lost in the mail.  We will do our best to track down your package and make sure it gets to you.  If the package can't be tracked down, we will offer a one time replacement.  If your package is undeliverable due to an error in the delivery address provided to us, we can resend the package for the delivery rate of $4.99.

Tell me more about pricing for the plans...

We took into consideration many factors when determining the price for the subscription plans.  We used information like average cost of a book, the cost to ship, packaging and all of the time & love we put in to preparing each package.  

Have we missed something or do you any additional questions?  If so, please send us an email at and we will answer you ASAP!


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