The Fool Dies Last - The Fortune Telling Mystery by Carol Miller

SKU: 9781448308415-UK

The Fool Dies Last - The Fortune Telling Mystery

by Carol Miller



Softback 224

ISBN: 9781448308415-UK

  • Published: 29 September 2022
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  • Crime & mystery,


The Bailey sisters may be the only ones able to interpret the meaning behind a bizarre series of murders in the first entry in the hilarious The Fortune Telling Mysteries series. Sisters Hope and Summer Bailey run Bailey's Boutique, a mystic shop in Asheville, North Carolina. While Hope's performing a palm reading a local doctor, Dylan Henshaw, bursts in, accusing them of trying to kill his patient with a tincture.

The confrontation is interrupted by the arrival of the sisters' grandmother, Gram, who announces that one of her friends has died suddenly. It looks like a simple allergic reaction . .

. but why has a solitary Tarot card - the Fool - been placed on the body? When another of Gram's friends dies in similar circumstances, with the Fool card also left at the scene, it's surely no coincidence. Although Hope is hesitant to read the Tarot again following a recent tragedy, she might be the only one capable of deciphering the clues.

Can she overcome her fear and uncover the card's meaning before the killer strikes again?


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