Disappearance of a Scribe by Dana Stabenow

SKU: 9781800249790-UK

Disappearance of a Scribe

by Dana Stabenow



Softback 336

ISBN: 9781800249790-UK

  • Published: 13 October 2022
  • Classifications:
  • Historicaly Mysteries
  • Historical fiction


In this exquisite, absorbing historical mystery, Tetisheri, confidant of Queen Cleopatra, must solve a troubling case in ancient Alexandria. Alexandria, 47BC. Cleopatra - seventh of her name, avatar of the goddess Isis, ruler of the Kingdom of Egypt - watches over her city.

The war is over, but Alexandria has suffered in its wake. Caesar has returned to Rome, and the queen must restore her city and her kingdom to their former greatness. But now a body has been found floating upright at the bottom of the sea, anchored by a weight around its feet.

It's the second corpse to be found this way, and with a city to rebuild and a kingdom to keep in line, Cleopatra cannot allow any more murders to interfere. So she sets Tetisheri - her Eye and closest confidant - to make things right. As she delves deeper into the mystery, Tetisheri will discover secrets, conspiracy and danger far beyond her ken...

Reviews for Dana Stabenow: 'Outstanding' Washington Post 'One of the strongest voices in crime fiction' Seattle Times 'A first-rate talent' Booklist


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