Death on Heron's Mere by Mary Fitt

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Death on Heron's Mere

by Mary Fitt

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ISBN: 9781899000463-UK

  • Published: 2 May 2022
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  • Classic Crime 


Mr Gabb, your son did not commit suicide. He was murdered. Simon Gabb had everything - or so it seemed: a beautiful house, a big estate, a flourishing business and two sons, both endowed with evident capacity for carrying on the family firm.

One was brilliant, inventive, the other dependable and efficient. And yet something was manifestly wrong. A secret invention, on which his business was engaged for the government, became known to those who had no right to know it.

But how and where did the leak occur? It was a mystery which created suspicion and dissension within the family and also engulfed everyone who dined with them one Saturday night. Next morning his elder son, who, despite his oddities of behaviour, had shown such promise, was found murdered by the lake. Smouldering emotions within the family at once flare up, confusing the issues which Superintendent Mallett is called upon to unravel.


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