Death On The Downbeat: An Orchestral Fantasy of Detection by Sebastian Farr

SKU: 9780712354028-UK

Death On The Downbeat: An Orchestral Fantasy of Detection

 by Sebastian Farr


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ISBN: 9780712354028-UK

  • Published: 10 September 2022
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  • Classic crime


As a rousing Strauss piece is reaching its crescendo in Maningpool Civic Hall, the talented yet obnoxious conductor Sir Noel Grampian is shot dead in full view of the Municipal Orchestra and the audience. It was no secret that he had many enemies - musicians and music critics among them - but to be killed in mid flow suggests an act of the coldest calculation. Told through the letters and documents sent by D.I.

Alan Hope to his wife as he puzzles through the dauntingly vast pool of suspects and scant physical evidence in the case, this is an innovative and playful mystery underscored by the author's extensive experience of the highly-strung world of music professionals. First published in 1941, this new edition returns Farr's only crime novel to print to receive its long-deserved encore.