The Deal by Karen Woods

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The Deal

by Karen Woods


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Softback 320

ISBN: 9780008528676-UK

  • Published: 19 Jan 2023
  • Classifications:
  • Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside,
  • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945),
  • Crime & mystery,
  • Thriller / suspense


People can buy your silence, but not your loyalty...

Macy Taylor was born in the shadow of Tavistock Square, at the heart of her Manchester estate. It's got a reputation as a place where bad things happen.

But it's kept her secrets and she's kept its code of silence. If you need something sorting, or want something you can't get anywhere else - no questions asked - then you go to the Square. But everything in life comes at a price.

Leanne Taylor is seventeen - she doesn't understand why her mother wants her to keep clear of the life she led as a teenager. Leanne's got dreams, but they don't come cheap and the only people with money and power she knows are the boys and men that make their deals in the alleys and dark corners of the Square. For mother and daughter, it's time to work out what they really care about, how fiercely they'll fight to protect it, and what they'll do when one day, the trouble they've worked so hard to outrun comes right to their own front door...


List price: $16.99

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