The Dazzle of the Light by Georgina Clarke

SKU: 9780857308306-UK

The Dazzle of the Light

by Georgina Clarke


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Softback 350

ISBN: 9780857308306-UK

  • Published:17 Nov 2022
  • Classifications:
    • Historical mysteries,
    • Thriller / suspense


Ruby Mills is ruthlessly ambitious, strikingly beautiful - and one of the Forty Thieves' most talented members. Harriet Littlemore is an aspiring journalist from a 'good' family, engaged to a rising star of the Tory party - but she wants a successful career of her own. After witnessing Ruby fleeing the scene of a robbery, Harriet develops a fascination with the young thief that extends beyond journalistic interest, one which Ruby can use to her advantage.

But both the Forties and London society have strict rules - and the fallout from Ruby and Harriet's unlikely acquaintance may be more than either woman is prepared for. The Dazzle of the Light tells a compulsive, cinematic story, fraught with envy and desire, about class, morality and the cost of being an independent woman in 1920.

List price: $16.99

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