It's Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol It's About Healing Complex PTSD (Paperback)

It's Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol It's About Healing Complex PTSD By Mary Giuliani Cover Image

It's Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol It's About Healing Complex PTSD (Paperback)


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Your Struggle With Food, Weight, Drugs, or Alcohol Is Not Your Fault, It's A Normal Response To Surviving An Abnormal Childhood.

Even though Mary was in long-term recovery with food, severe obesity, drugs, and alcohol and had what most people would consider a successful life - behind closed doors, she still struggled and wondered...

  • Why she had so few close friends and had difficulty finding a fulfilling, romantic relationship.

  • Why she still struggled with food, sleep, & caffeine.

  • Why she couldn't find the flow and passion she longed for in her career.

  • Why, even though she was in long-term recovery with food and substances and had maintained a 160lb weight loss for several decades, she felt the need to hide these parts of her past from others.

Finally, in mid-life, she discovered the root cause driving these, and her past addictions to food, drugs, and alcohol was a condition known as Complex PTSD (CPTSD), a more severe form of PTSD that developed from her being raised in a chaotic alcoholic home.

This discovery sent Mary on a five-year journey where she researched leading experts in the fields of complex trauma and addiction. She read dozens of books about complex PTSD and the adverse childhood experiences study (ACE Study.) She also studied thought leaders in the fields of neuroscience and developmental psychology. She read countless books about addiction, emotional trauma, childhood trauma in adults, food addiction, and addiction recovery.

Join Mary as she experiences one mind-blowing revelation after another as she learns that CPTSD was operating behind the scenes sabotaging her weight, recovery, relationships, career, and health, and learn what she did to heal.

In A Blending of Memoir, Science-Based Research & CPTSD Workbook, You'll Learn:

  • You're not alone; you're not bad or defective; it's not your fault, your symptoms are normal, and you can heal.

  • How to recover with a proven, step-by-step CPTSD Workbook that compassionately guides you in healing from common CPTSD symptoms such as difficulty with close relationships, shame, guilt, anxiety, depression, addiction, and feeling defective and unworthy of love and belonging.

  • Gain access to a menu of 36 evidence-based body, brain, and mind CPTSD therapies and practices to heal the root cause of your symptoms.

  • How to recover from your struggle with food, weight, drugs, or alcohol with the support of an included step-by-step Food, Weight & Substance Recovery Workbook.

  • How to stay focused and on track with practical worksheets, quizzes, and questionnaires.

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Product Details ISBN: 9798987466001
Publisher: Wise Tribe Media
Publication Date: February 21st, 2023
Pages: 338
Language: English

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