Goddess 2.0: Advancing A New Path Forward (Paperback)

Goddess 2.0: Advancing A New Path Forward By Karen Tate Cover Image

Goddess 2.0: Advancing A New Path Forward (Paperback)


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Number 2 of the "Manifesting a New Normal" Trilogy* Never more relevant than today You are not alone if you believe domination and authoritarian patriarchy are destroying countless lives and our planet. There is a more sustainable alternative and it's not new. In fact it's ancient. Exiled for a time, but making a return, the Sacred Feminine has become indelibly integrated into our lives, reminding humanity during this time of crisis that the ideals of the Great She offer a pathway to secure a more sustainable future. As people lose faith in organized religion, as the paradigm of power shifts across the globe, as climate change quickly approaches a point of no return, people are leading using their divine intelligence gleaned from Goddess teachings to find solutions and sanctuary. We are witnessing this awakening across the globe as people from all walks of life and cultures turn to Goddess, deity, archetype and ideal, to evolve from the malignant chaos we face today. Using the wisdom and activism suggested in Goddess 2.0: Advancing a New Path Forward we see through the lens of spiritual, cultural and political leaders sharing the many ways Goddess Spirituality has grown and matured in the minds of Her advocates to inspire the birth of a new world and usher in a time of security, partnership, peace, equality and prosperity for all.Contributors include: Anne Baring, Starhawk, Carol P. Christ, Riane Eisler, Barbara G. Walker, Cristina Biaggi, Elizabeth and Robert Fisher, Shirley Ann Ranck, Bob Gratrix, Patricia 'Ilona', Nancy Vedder-Shults, M. Isidora Forrest, Karen Tate, Amy 'Amalya' Peck, Linda Iles, Andrew Gurevich, Charlotte L. Cressey, Delphine DeMore, Tabby Biddle, Trista Hendren and Harita Meenee. *Author's "Manifesting A New Normal" Trilogy includes the (3) anthologies: Voices of the Sacred Feminine; Conversations to ReShape Our World, Goddess 2.0; Advancing A New Path Forward and Awaken the Feminine; Dismantling Domination to Restore Balance on Mother Earth.
Product Details ISBN: 9798670661034
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 4th, 2020
Pages: 180
Language: English

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