Treating Complex PTSD Traumatic: Healing from Childhood Trauma: It's not Impossible (Volume 1) (Paperback)

Treating Complex PTSD Traumatic: Healing from Childhood Trauma: It's not Impossible (Volume 1) By Greenfield Gayla Cover Image

Treating Complex PTSD Traumatic: Healing from Childhood Trauma: It's not Impossible (Volume 1) (Paperback)


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Trauma generates emotions, and unless we process these emotions at the time the trauma occurs, they become stuck in our mind and body. Instead of healing from the wounding event, the trauma stays in our body as energy in our unconscious, affecting our life until we uncover it and process it out.
The healthy flow and processing of distressing emotions, such as anger, sadness, shame, and fear, is essential to healing from childhood trauma as an adult. I have Complex PTSD (Cptsd) and wrote this book from the perspective of someone who has experienced a great reduction of symptoms over the years.
I felt encouraged to write this book because of thousands of e-mail responses to the articles on my website that repeatedly expressed gratitude for the helpfulness of my work. An often echoed comment sounded like this: At last someone gets it. I can see now that I am not bad, defective, or crazy...or alone
The causes of PTSD range from severe neglect to monstrous abuse. Many survivors grow up in houses that are not homes - in families that are as loveless as orphanages and sometimes as dangerous.
If you felt unwanted, unliked, rejected, hated, and/or despised for a lengthy portion of your childhood, trauma may be deeply ingrained in your mind, soul, and body.
This book is a practical, user-friendly self-help guide to recovering from the lingering effects of childhood trauma, and to achieving a rich and fulfilling life. It is copiously illustrated with examples of my own and my clients' journeys of recovering. This book is also for those who do not have PTSD but want to understand and help a loved one who does.
This book also contains an overview of the tasks of recovering and a great many practical tools and techniques for recovering from childhood trauma. It extensively elaborates on all the recovery concepts and many more. However, unlike the articles on my website, it is oriented toward the layperson.
Key concepts of the book include managing emotional flashbacks, understanding the four different types of trauma survivors, differentiating the outer critic from the inner critic, healing the abandonment depression that comes from emotional abandonment and self-abandonment, self-reparenting and reparenting by committee, and deconstructing the hierarchy of self-injuring responses that childhood trauma forces survivors to adapt.
The book also functions as a map to help you understand the somewhat linear progression of recovery, to help you identify what you have already accomplished, and to help you figure out what is best to work on and prioritize now. This in turn also serves to help you identify the signs of your recovery and to develop reasonable expectations about the rate of your recovery.

Product Details ISBN: 9798567386811
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 19th, 2020
Pages: 112
Language: English

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