Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators: With content based on the Long Island Indicator Service web site (Paperback)

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators: With content based on the Long Island Indicator Service web site Cover Image
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Let me make it clear from the outset that what follows is quite simply a reprint of certain portions of our web site. Specifically, those portions dealing with dial test indicators. This book came about as a result of the many requests we have had for a print version, something that can be kept on the bookshelf-a reference perhaps-or reading material, when sitting in front of the computer screen is not an option. When we began the project it became stunningly evident that a print version of the complete web site would exceed 3,000 pages. That could amount to an encyclopedia of ten volumes not to mention quite a bit of work on my part. I also noticed that a straight forward print-out would not make much sense. Web sites are designed in non-linear form. That is, one web page does not lead logically to the next. Each web page contains numerous links which will have the visitor jump all over the site without necessarily being aware that this is a spider web, a maze of information. In order to keep a direct correlation between the printed chapters in this book and what we call "web pages" on the computer, I have had to make reference to the website's web page numbers. In the text that follows, any reference to web page numbers refers to the web page numbering on our web site. Thus, when the reader finds a topic of interest, it is an easy matter to go to the computer and locate the same information. To make this book manageable in size, I have chosen to focus on test indicators alone. Indicator repairs are what we started with in 1959 and specifically the Swiss-made gages. The website is a continual work in progress. New information gets added about half a dozen times each day. I started to do this simply to create a reference source for our own use. How else could we remember all the information that was unearthed? Looking at the Table of Contents, you will see that the focus remains principally on the quality indicators made by established manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany, Japan and the USA. I feel justified in focusing on what we know best. I recently calculated that I have personally repaired over 35,000 indicators in the years that I have been working. My father easily matched that number along with tens of thousands of dial calipers and micrometers which he and my brother have repaired. What I learned during all these years has all been put into this repository: Here you will find charts of manufacturers' specifications and spare parts lists, critical evaluations of brands and models, instructions for cleaning, servicing and calibrating indicators and hundreds of web pages of information which often exceed what manufacturers' catalogs provide. In fact, we have had manufacturers refer to our website to learn things about their own products.

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