Marma Points of Sushruta the foundation of Modern Kinesiology (Hardcover)

Marma Points of Sushruta the foundation of Modern Kinesiology By Ashwini Kumar Aggarwal Cover Image

Marma Points of Sushruta the foundation of Modern Kinesiology (Hardcover)


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Marma is based on the model of a lighted being or the consciousness that fills all human beings and flows and radiates through our thoughts and emotions, nerves and tissues.

Due to 5 factors, viz., 2.upbringing, 3.perceived notions, 4.relationships, and 5. personal set of values, these light beams get scattered away from their normal flow. Some beams lose their amplitude, others lose their direction. Yet others lose their intensity or focus. This is what results in illness, pain, grief, guilt, fear and weakness.

Marma Chikitsa or Therapy is a revolutionary technique to normalize and balance the light body. Though mentioned in the ancient texts, in the modern context it is only recently being rediscovered and reapplied. When it came to healing and restoring fitness, the ancients rarely looked at anatomy as a mass of muscle, tissue, bone or organ. Rather, they perceived it as a body of glowing consciousness, and used the time honored techniques of Meditation, Massage, Showering, Walking, soft Touch, Pranayama and Yoga.

तत्र सक्थिमर्माणि क्षिप्रतलहृदयकूर्चकूर्चशिरोगुल्फेन्द्रबस्तिजान्वाण्यूर्वीलोहिताक्षाणि विटपं चेति । Thigh and lower anatomy marma points list.

तत्र सक्थि-मर्माणि क्षिप्र1-तलहृदय2-कूर्च3-कूर्चशिरः4-गुल्फ5-इन्द्रबस्ति6-जानु7-आणि8-ऊर्वी9-लोहिताक्षाणि10 विटपं11 चेति ।

- 11 viṭapa (topmost point in this list)

- 10 lohitākṣa

- 9 ūrvī (also spelt urvī)

- 8 āṇi

- 7 jānu

- 6 indrabasti

- 5 gulpha

- 4 kūrcaśira

- 3 kūrca

- 2 talahṛdaya

- 1 kṣipra (bottommost point in this list)

These points are listed in sequence of vertical location top to bottom of anatomy.

एतेनेतरत्सक्थि व्याख्यातम् These are mirrored points in each leg, so a count of 22 points.

Note: Marma points Viṭapa, Jānu and Gulpha in leg correspond to Kakṣadhara, Kūrpara and Maṇibandha in arm resp.


This book presents the Marma section from the Sushruta Samhita, and lists simple ways to get back to peak health and total fitness.


Contains Full Color Plates.

Contains Charts for all 107 Marma Points.

Product Details ISBN: 9789395766074
ISBN-10: 9395766077
Publisher: Devotees of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ashram
Publication Date: September 26th, 2022
Pages: 150
Language: English

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