The Earth (Hardcover)

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The Earth (Hardcover)


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The CubeBook series brings together breathtaking landscapes, inspiring quotes, and infographics about environmental issues that take the reader on a journey through the depths of the earth.

"We really have the most beautiful planet in our solar system. None other can sustain life like we know it. None other has blue water and white clouds covering colorful landmasses filled with thriving, beautiful, living things like human beings." --Sunita Williams

The mesmerizing pictures in The Earth are combined with powerful quotes about the importance of protecting the world around us. Each chapter begins with an infographic depicting the issues faced by that area of the world, like our forests, prairies, mountains, and glaciers. The photos and the quotations that accompany them help us rediscover the amazement and respect inspired by uncontaminated nature.
Valter Fogato is an advertiser, graphic designer, illustrator, and author of scientific educational works. He has also designed and set up dioramas for various museums and visitor's centers in natural parks, including writing their explanatory panels. He has created all the dioramas depicting world environments in Milan's Natural History Museum.
Product Details ISBN: 9788854418721
ISBN-10: 8854418722
Publisher: White Star Publishers
Publication Date: November 1st, 2022
Pages: 400
Language: English