The First Unicorn - Coloring Book (Paperback)

The First Unicorn - Coloring Book By Aashay Utkarsh, Kathleen J. Shields Cover Image

The First Unicorn - Coloring Book (Paperback)


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This is the black and white coloring book of "The First Unicorn" and it brings you the amazingly inspirational rhyming story, along with a coloring activity It's two great gifts in one

Almost everyone knows what a unicorn is, but do you know where they came from? Who was the first unicorn? How did he get his golden horn? And why did others follow in his footsteps?

Aden is a young horse, who believes that giving of his time and gifts is the best way to share hope in the world. One evening, he is visited by an angel who bestows a gift of gold upon his forehead, "You cannot see or spend it. It's for others to behold." Yet, when he returns home that evening, the herd sees the horn as a weapon and chases him away.
Sad but not discouraged, Aden continues to help and care for others. However, when his mother gets injured, he discovers his horn can perform miracles. It was that first miracle that softened the hearts of the others and inspired them to lead a God-filled life as well.

This story is about love, acceptance, kindness and giving. It is the story of the First Unicorn and how God's creation would succeed at greatness.

"Anything is possible if love is what you choose. Miracles can happen if you share the good news."
Product Details ISBN: 9781956581256
ISBN-10: 1956581251
Publisher: Erin Go Bragh Publishing
Publication Date: July 31st, 2023
Pages: 48
Language: English