Chess For Kids: Learn To Play Chess In A Fun And Simple Way (Paperback)

Chess For Kids: Learn To Play Chess In A Fun And Simple Way By Sam Lemons Cover Image

Chess For Kids: Learn To Play Chess In A Fun And Simple Way (Paperback)


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Introduce your child to the fascinating world of chess with Chess for Kids

Chess is a wonderful game for children and adults to learn together and combine quality time with educational enjoyment. Learning Through Activities has designed an activity book to help your child build the mental foundation for life-long success through one of the world's most popular boardgames.

Learning and playing chess develops multiple cognitive and emotional skills that will benefit your child throughout their entire life:

  • Improves memory by learning the rules and strategies of the game
  • Encourages creativity when responding to their opponent's moves
  • Develops critical thinking by analyzing their opponent's strategy and thinking ahead multiple moves

In Chess for Kids, children will meet "Pawnie," a cute pawn eager to share the fascinating world of chess. Pawnie starts with the foundations of chess-game set-up, rules for moving pieces across the board, and basic tactics. Each chapter builds on previous information, as Pawnie introduces players to opening moves, special tactics, and checkmate strategies. At the end of each chapter, learners are presented with "What would you do?" questions that test retention before proceeding to the next section.

Features include:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Interactive challenges reinforce techniques
  • Simple to understand illustrations
  • Develops confidence and critical thinking skills
  • Improves memory and mental focus
  • Solutions to activities at the end of the book

If you're looking for an activity that will enhance your child's mental development while enjoying a new hobby, then Chess for Kids is the perfect book for your kids

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Product Details ISBN: 9781922805010
ISBN-10: 1922805017
Publisher: Lta Publishing
Publication Date: February 7th, 2022
Pages: 234
Language: English