Victorian Era 1837-1901: Rise Of The Modern World (Paperback)

Victorian Era 1837-1901: Rise Of The Modern World By A. J. Kingston Cover Image

Victorian Era 1837-1901: Rise Of The Modern World (Paperback)


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���� Introducing: Victorian Era 1837-1901: Rise Of The Modern World Book Bundle ����

Step back in time and journey through the captivating pages of the Victorian Era, a period that forever shaped the course of history and paved the way for the modern world we know today. Immerse yourself in the most comprehensive exploration of this era with our exclusive four-book bundle, "Victorian Era 1837-1901: Rise Of The Modern World."

���� What You'll Discover:

Book 1 - Victorian Visions: Society And Culture In The Early Reign (1837-1850): ���� Explore the dawn of a new era as Queen Victoria ascends the throne ���� Immerse yourself in the cultural renaissance that shaped art, literature, and philosophy ���� Witness the emergence of a stratified society and the changing roles of women

Book 2 - Whispers Of Change: Industrialization And Reform In Mid-Victorian England (1851-1870): ���� Experience the clash of progress and human cost during the industrial revolution ���� Dive into the reform movements that reshaped society's foundations ���� Uncover the stories of labor movements and technological marvels that defined an era

Book 3 - Shadows Of Empire: Exploring Colonialism And Global Influence In Late Victorian Era (1871-1890): ���� Discover the far-reaching consequences of empire, colonialism, and globalization ���� Explore the cultural encounters and economic ties that linked nations and continents ���� Examine the complex dynamics of power, resistance, and identity on a global scale

Book 4 - Elegance And Entropy: Decadence And Transition In The Fin De Si cle Victorian Era (1891-1901): ���� Delve into an era of elegance, decadence, and philosophical introspection ���� Uncover the artistic expressions and societal reflections that defined the late 19th century ����️ Witness the transition from the Victorian era to the brink of a new century

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