Infrared Treasure Orbs (Paperback)

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Infrared Treasure Orbs (Paperback)


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In his third book on the theme of treasure hunting activities the author Aquila explores how infrared digital photography can help locate lost buried treasure made of gold, silver, bronze and gemstone hoards lost long ago in the form of infrared energy orbs (left). Now these buried treasures can be found all over the world using this exciting infrared photographic technique Come with him on a journey of discovery that takes you to the Island of Northern Mindanao in the Philippines looking for the elusive treasure buried by General Shizuichi Tanaka of the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII and read the authors diary of what he found on his incredible journey of discovery. Also read about a photographic site survey of a British Battlefield where the War of the Roses was fought some 548 years ago and how discover that buried artifacts still litter the battlefield even today

55 chapters and 500+ colour images with exciting treasure stories and actual recovered treasure images are inside this fantastic and most interesting book. Topics include:

  • How Infrared Energy Is Used By Dowsers To Locate Buried Items
  • Infrared Photographs Of Gold, Silver And Diamond Orb Images
  • The Canon 350D Rebel XT AF SLR Camera And Infrared Filter System And How To Use It
  • Dowsing Tools Required When Treasure Hunting For Large Gold Hoards
  • How to Know The Difference Between Treasure And Spiritual Orbs
  • How To Enhance Your Infrared Photographs Using Photoshop (TM) Software
  • General Shizuichi Tanaka Treasure Deposits Buried In Northern Mindanao With GPS Locations
  • 18+ Treasure Sites Investigated And Photographed For Buried Treasure
  • Onsite Diaries Recorded By The Author Of Real Treasure Site Excavations He Worked On
  • President Ferdinand Marcos And Pope John Paul II Gold Bullion Connection And Treasure Vault
  • Sub-Surface Scanning And Recovery Techniques (OKM(TM) Metal Detectors)
  • Surveying For Large Treasure Deposits And Different Gold Deposit Types
  • Guidelines On Treasure Hunting In The Philippines
  • Hidden Gold Bullion And USAF Curtis P-40 Aircraft Squadron Site Survey Awaiting Financier
  • Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Recovered Treasure Inventory Awaiting Buyers In Manila
  • A Solution Is Found To The United States Massive $22 Trillion Dollar Debt
  • GPS Maps Showing Where Treasure Sites Are Located In Northern Mindanao For You To Visit
  • Battle of Tewkesbury 4th Of May 1471 England: Buried Weaponry Still On The Battlefield Even Today
  • Never Published Japanese Imperial Army Engineering Battalion Treasure Symbols
  • Ongoing Secret Treasure Recovery Philippine Operations And Who Is Involved In This Activity
  • Philippine Treasure Project Sites That Require Funding
  • Recovered Treasure Awaiting Buyers In Manila
Product Details ISBN: 9781789558579
ISBN-10: 1789558573
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
Publication Date: February 17th, 2020
Pages: 560
Language: English