The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Great War (Paperback)

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The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Great War (Paperback)


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In a new gripping and immersive adventure Sherlock Holmes investigates collusion and conspiracy in the Belgian trenches of World War One.

December 1917. An important visitor arrives at a field hospital not far from the front, who makes sharp deductions about the way the ward is run based on small details that he sees. Sherlock Holmes is apparently only present for a tour, but asks searching questions about a young officer who apparently died in the hospital, but whose records have mysteriously vanished. As Holmes digs deeper, details emerge pertaining to a cover-up that stretches from the trenches to the top of the War Office, and conspiracy on both the British and enemy fronts. 
Simon Guerrier is the author of a great many Doctor Who books, audio plays and comics and has written some 60 audio plays for Big Finish Productions, including his original series Graceless, broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra. He's also lead writer on an animated TV series being developed by Visionality. He tweets @0tralala
Product Details ISBN: 9781789096941
ISBN-10: 1789096944
Publisher: Titan Books
Publication Date: November 16th, 2021
Pages: 304
Language: English
Praise for the author

"Excellent...Fans of the pastiche subgenre involving Conan Doyle’s detective in WWI won’t want to miss this one." - Publishers Weekly

“Superbly written” Starburst

"Great fun" SF Crowsnest

"Has the feel of a glorious comic strip adventure” Cultbox

"This is a clever, multi-layered story from Simon Guerrier that pleases on every level" Indie Mac User

"The title promises excitement, drama and terror. And Simon Guerrier‘s script delivers all of these things in spades” Down the Tubes

“This could be the most enjoyable book you purchase this year” Sci-fi-Online

“An effective and disturbingly spooky tale” Doctor Who Magazine

“One of the best releases yet...” SFX

"Clever, funny, thoughtful and silly, and loads of other good words. But the one that sums it up best is this: brilliant” Doctor Who Magazine