Understand Voltammetry (3rd Ed) (Hardcover)

Understand Voltammetry (3rd Ed) By Richard G Compton & Craig E Banks Cover Image

Understand Voltammetry (3rd Ed) (Hardcover)


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The power of electrochemical measurements in respect of thermodynamics, kinetics and analysis is widely recognised but the subject can be unpredictable to the novice even if they have a strong physical and chemical background, especially if they wish to pursue quantitative measurements. Accordingly, some significant experiments are perhaps wisely never attempted while the literature is sadly replete with flawed attempts at rigorous voltammetry.

This textbook considers how to implement designing, explaining and interpreting experiments centered on various forms of voltammetry (cyclic, microelectrode, hydrodynamic, etc.). The reader is assumed to have knowledge of physical chemistry equivalent to Master's level but no exposure to electrochemistry in general, or voltammetry in particular. While the book is designed to stand alone, references to important research papers are given to provide an introductory entry into the literature.

The third edition contains new material relating to electron transfer theory, experimental requirements, scanning electrochemical microscopy, adsorption, electroanalysis and nanoelectrochemistry.

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Publication Date: July 14th, 2018
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