Cam Design and Manufacturing Handbook (Hardcover)

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By Robert L. Norton, Ronald G. Mosier (Contribution by), Thomas J. Lyden (Foreword by)
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The third edition of Cam Design and Manufacturing Handbook brings together the latest cam design technology, proper cam design methods and manufacturing procedures, and cam research results in one volume that is indispensable to the design, analysis, and manufacturing of cam-follower systems. Much of the material is original and based on 30 years of cam research involving many of the author's graduate students whose theses were advised by the author and on papers published in professional journals. It covers treatments of shape-preserving and B-splines for cams, calculations of 3-D globoidal cams, modeling of multi-DOF cam systems, calculation of torque-compensation cams that can zero the net inertial torque on a cam system's camshaft, and equations to model the deliberate impact of a follower against a valve seat or hard-stop. This edition adds a new chapter on servo-driven mechanisms. The mathematics to program servo drives is the same as that for cam motions, though there are other pitfalls, which are discussed in this chapter. Covering both introductory and advanced topics in depth, this comprehensive handbook provides all the information you need to properly design, model, analyze, specify, and manufacture cam-follower systems including:

- Proper Cam Design Techniques - Roller and Flat Followers

- Polydyne and Splinedyne Cams - Translating and Oscillating Followers

- Single- and Multi-Dwell Cams - Measuring Cam-Follower Dynamics

- Classical Cam Functions - Residual Vibrations

- Polynomial and Spline Cams - Forward and Inverse Dynamic Analysis

- Conjugate Cams - Lubrication of the Cam-Follower Joint

- Pressure Angle and Radius of Curvature - Case Studies of Cam Designs

- Radial, Barrel, and Linear Cams - An Extensive Bibliography on Cams

This book provides all the information a cam designer needs to create low-vibration, high-speed cam-follower systems for both machine and automotive applications.

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ISBN: 9781649218384
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Publication Date: September 21st, 2020
Pages: 626
Language: English