Farming In Prairie Image: Plans For Regeneration (Paperback)

Farming In Prairie Image: Plans For Regeneration By Keith F. Johnson Cover Image

Farming In Prairie Image: Plans For Regeneration (Paperback)


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This book explains how you can profitably raise grain and livestock while regenerating your Prairie Soil back to Natural Health and Productivity.

Chapter 1: Prairie History

Locations, Origins, Settlement.

Chapter 2: Prairie Ecology

Rules of Nature, Developing a Farm Plan.

Chapter 3: Plants for a Prairie Farm

Rotate Mixtures of Companion Grains and Forages.

Chapter 4: Animals for a Prairie Farm

Grassland Use for Soil Renewal and Climate Control.

Chapter 5: Compost

"Controlled Microbial Composting" Process and Testing.

Chapter 6: Regenerative Agriculture for a Prairie Farm.

Procedures, Soil Restoration, Organic Production. Regeneration International is introduced with their Statement of Purpose. It includes defining Regenerative Agriculture and listing those practices along with the details of each.


Product Details ISBN: 9781637104286
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Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: August 6th, 2021
Pages: 110
Language: English