Hedging Death (Paperback)

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Hedging Death (Paperback)


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Judge Avery Lassiter is back-this time engulfed in a story of death, debt, and deception in Dallas. First, a wealthy Texas hedge fund manager, Cade Graham, is suspected of insurance fraud and mysteriously goes missing in Mexico. He is believed to have faked his own death. Meanwhile, a brilliant young inventor in the infectious disease space, Dmitry Basayev, who received funding from Cade Graham, is suspected of a massive Ponzi scheme-being litigated in Judge Lassiter's court-and likewise goes missing. Are their disappearances connected, and how are they linked to the man who tried to kill Judge Avery Lassiter and other judges and lawyers three years ago? And who will find them first-Max Lassiter or the Mexican crime cartels that they have double-crossed?

Product Details ISBN: 9781633635814
ISBN-10: 1633635813
Publisher: Sj Novels
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2022
Pages: 318
Language: English