The Problem of Purity: The Use of the Sex Force (Paperback)

The Problem of Purity: The Use of the Sex Force By Dion Fortune, (Violet Firth) Cover Image

The Problem of Purity: The Use of the Sex Force (Paperback)


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The author, Dion Fortune, is well known for having been one of the greatest occult writers of her time. She was lesser known for her profession as a psychotherapist, where she helped numerous clients with sexual issues. Her spiritual background allowed her to draw connections between human sexuality and who and what we are as spiritual beings. This book explains how and why the control of the sexual force may allow us to harness its energy. In doing so, it becomes possible to transform ourselves and evolve in higher spiritual ways. There is a spiritual nature to sex that few people will acknowledge. The author not only shows that it is there, but also reveals how one may use it for a higher purpose. She covers such topics as sexual motivation, celibacy, the purpose of the sex instinct, homosexuality, the wisdom of love, masturbation, modesty, abnormal forms of sexuality, and more. This book may serve as a study guide for individuals, or by therapists or counselors. Now back in print, it was originally published under the author's real name, Violet Firth.

Product Details ISBN: 9781585094554
ISBN-10: 1585094552
Publisher: Book Tree
Publication Date: January 24th, 2022
Pages: 128
Language: English