Birds (Hardcover)

Birds By Carme Lemniscates, Carme Lemniscates (Illustrator) Cover Image

Birds (Hardcover)


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Brilliant graphic illustrations and a gentle, thought-provoking text pay homage to birds and their wonder-inspiring ways.

Birds are like thoughts.
They come, stay awhile . . .
and then fly away.

Birds come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They like to chat with one another as they fly high and low in the sky. Birds make music, with songs that are like the loving words of a friend, and we are lucky enough to enjoy those sweet melodies. But best of all, birds are capable of flying wherever they please — they just let their hearts guide them. And we can do that, too, if we use our imaginations. In a lyrical ode to our winged friends, the creator of Trees turns her eye to a diverse class of creatures that has much to teach about transcending the barriers that lie between us.
Carme Lemniscates is an author-illustrator who creates children’s books and storybook apps. Based in Barcelona, she is particularly interested in books that encourage creative thinking and curiosity about subjects such as nature, the environment, friendship, adoption, fear, and self-acceptance.
Product Details ISBN: 9781536201789
ISBN-10: 1536201782
Publisher: Candlewick Studio
Publication Date: March 12th, 2019
Pages: 40
Language: English
Vibrant digital illustrations, reminiscent at times of watercolors, show many different birds—birds of all shapes, sizes, and colors, compared in their natural habitats and in flight...Birds are presented as metaphor and inspiration as well as physical beings; the last spread show the young protagonist riding on a goose, high up in the sky, surrounded by different birds. "They make our imaginations soar."
—Kirkus Reviews

Line drawings in blue and black highlight some special feathers on the white endpapers of this beautiful picture book...Let your heart soar with the music and freedom of your imagination, as the birds do.

This introduction will inspire young readers to open their ears and eyes to the beauty and diversity of birds...Even the youngest audience will appreciate this celebration of our fine feathered friends.
—School Library Journal