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During adolescence in South Brazil, Lucas had doubts about love, sex, which career to follow, and about his sexuality, he felt attraction to other boys but at the same time his fear about what people would think makes him cover up his feelings. With 15 years at the first time he experienced the kiss of another boy and felt once more time he was "different" of regular boys of the same age, but was only 18 years old that he then had the certainty that was gay, but once again he opted to keep secret their option for fear that their parents would do with him out of the house. In this same period decided that would be the course of Law and to fail the entrance exam your family has chosen to sign you up for a private university and the chosen was the Catholic University of Pelotas. When his mother decided to live in the city of Pelotas, a city located 259 km from the capital Porto Alegre in South Brazil, Lucas believed that it would be more of a traditional changes made by his family, but he did not know was that the building 2910 will change his life forever. Raphael from small always dreamed of being a doctor and never stopped fighting for his dream and to 21 years managed a wave in the course of medicine, Federal University of Pelotas. Santos had to learn to cope with the low temperatures of South, difficult task, but supported by the desire to become a great doctor. As residence he had chosen the apartment 402 in the building of the street Tiradentes and after two months living alone resolved split costs with two more people the first was Matheus, his colleague in the course of medicine and Fernando who was architecture at the Catholic University of Pelotas. On the day that Lucas knew Raphael felt that there was something special in that boy, in addition to its physical attributes, and this was when the destination has joined that discerned that he was right. For the first time, he had discovered that it was the love and all the intensity of a relationship, still little accepted by society. The most diverse events will mark the whole trajectory of this beautiful and exciting love story lived by these guys who had the ambition of nothing less than happiness.

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ISBN: 9781517172220
ISBN-10: 1517172225
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Date: June 6th, 2015
Pages: 222
Language: English