Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul: How to Change the World in Quiet Ways (Hardcover)

Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul: How to Change the World in Quiet Ways By Dorcas Cheng-Tozun Cover Image

Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul: How to Change the World in Quiet Ways (Hardcover)


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Social justice work, we often assume, is raised voices and raised fists. It requires leading, advocating, fighting, and organizing wherever it takes place--in the streets, slums, villages, inner cities, halls of political power, and more. But what does social justice work look like for those of us who don't feel comfortable battling in the trenches?

Sensitive souls--including those who consider themselves highly emotional, empathic, or introverted--have much to contribute to bringing about a more just and equitable world. Such individuals are wise, thoughtful, and conscientious; they feel more deeply and see things that others don't. We need their contributions. Yet, sustaining justice work can be particularly challenging for the sensitive, and it requires a deep level of self-awareness, intentionality, and care.

In Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul, writer Dorcas Cheng-Tozun (Enneagram 4, INFJ, nonprofit/social enterprise professional, and multiple-burnout survivor) offers six possible pathways for sensitive types:

- Connectors: relational activists whose interactions and conversations build the social capital necessary for change

- Creatives: artists and creators whose work inspires, sheds light, makes connections, and brings issues into the public consciousness

- Record Keepers: archivists who preserve essential information and hold our collective memory and history

- Builders: inventors, programmers, and engineers who center empathy as they develop society-changing products and technologies

- Equippers: educators, mentors, and elders who build skills and knowledge within movements and shepherd the next generation of changemakers

- Researchers: data-driven individuals who utilize information as a persuasive tool to effect change and propose options for improvement

Alongside inspiring, real-life examples of highly sensitive world-changers, Cheng-Tozun expands the possibilities of how to have a positive social impact, affirming the particular gifts and talents that sensitive souls offer to a hurting world.

Product Details ISBN: 9781506483436
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Publisher: Broadleaf Books
Publication Date: June 20th, 2023
Pages: 227
Language: English