Not the Nine O'Clock News: Hedgehog Sandwich (Compact Disc)

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Not the Nine O'Clock News: Hedgehog Sandwich (Compact Disc)

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Not the Nine O'Clock News is regarded as one of the classics of British television comedy. Written by some of Britain's finest comedy writers, including Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Blackadder), Guy Jenkin (Outnumbered, Drop the Dead Donkey), David Renwick (One Foot in the Grave) and Andrew Marshall (2point4 children), the show was innovative, rude and extremely funny. This hilarious compilation includes some of the best sketches and songs, including '(I Like) Trucking', 'England My Leotard', 'Supa Dupa', as well as the Barry Manilow and Ronald Reagan songs. With its irreverent and outrageous look at everything from University Challenge, marriage, and lager to bad language and squashed hedgehogs, this release features some of the sharpest, wittiest comedy to have graced the small screen. But be warned: there is strong language and adult humor which reflects the era in which it was first performed. Vintage Beeb: classic albums first available as BBC LPs, now on CD for the first time ever.

1 CD. 45 mins.

Not the Nine O'Clock News was a satirical sketch show that parodied news stories and popular culture, and would go on to have a lasting influence on shows such as The Daily Show as well as paving the way for alternative comedy. It was broadcast on BBC 2 between 1979 and 1982, and featured Chris Langham as well as comedians Rowan Atkinson, Pamela Stephenson, Mel Smith, and Griff Rhys Jones, who would go on to star in Blackadder, Saturday Night Live, and Alas Smith and Jones. The show was produced by John Lloyd and Sean Hardie, and among the scriptwriters were Richard Curtis, Guy Jenkin, David Renwick, and Andy Hamilton, who would all become acclaimed comedy writers. Not the Nine O'Clock News ran for four successful series and was adapted as a stage show in 1982, but as the team became increasingly well known, they decided to pursue other projects. In 2005, Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith, Pamela Stephenson, Chris Langham, and John Lloyd came together with Sue McGregor to talk about the show in Radio 4's The Reunion; and a BBC 2 documentary about the making of the program was broadcast in 2009.
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