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Undocumented (Paperback)


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Undocumented by Anderson Gomes was hands down one of the most inspirational stories I have ever read. To see how successful someone can become after such a tough childhood is amazing in itself. Thank you for sharing your story - Mary-Hope Beaulac

What America Offers - Dream, Hard Work and Success

Undocumented by Anderson Gomes is a testament to the dream of a better life and what America offers. With hard work, determination, and faith, a broken life can be transformed into everything America can stand for. Hope, opportunity, and then success like no other place. Anderson's story makes me proud to be an American and that it can hold out such a positive example for those who are willing to work their way into our melting pot. I highly recommend the book as an encouragement to younger kids out there looking for a pathway out of despair and poverty and a great model. Five stars for sure. - Dennis Roberts

Anderson story is about change. After a childhood of mental and physical abuse, growing up amidst drugs and prostitution, he thought the United States was the change he needed. But things don't go as plan. Anderson could never foresee the challenges he would face.

Whether you had a bad childhood, someone did you wrong, an abusive relationship, did not finish high school, never went to college...regardless, this book will show you that with determination and hard work, you can accomplish anything. Your past experiences, color, ethnicity, your gender...you can use all to your advantage if you change your mindset.

Things happen FOR you and not TO you Undocumented by Anderson Gomes will show you how you can use your past experiences to your advantage.

You can read many books on success, self-help, entrepreneur, small business, motivation, inspiration, but none of them will work if you do not believe in yourself.

Undocumented is truly inspirational, motivational, sad, funny, rewarding. This is not a how-to book. Nor will it have charts and ask you to follow a seven-step process. Anderson is simply sharing his inspirational story that will certainly make you believe in you again and will motivate you to start taking steps toward your goals.

Undocumented is a quick read with a lasting impact

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Product Details ISBN: 9781084185029
ISBN-10: 1084185024
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 27th, 2019
Pages: 130
Language: English