Great Church Sound: a guide for the volunteer (Paperback)

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This practical guide is the BEST PLACE TO START for anyone needing to gain a better understanding of the church sound system and how to get a great sounding mix.

Church sound techs from all backgrounds and experience levels will benefit from the clear explanations, plain instruction, and focus on the fundamentals that matter most.

Pastors and Team Leaders will appreciate this easy to follow handbook that delivers a consistent training platform for new tech team members.

Whether you want to get rid of feedback, improve your mix, or lead your team effectively, Great Church Sound is the resource for you.

What's Included:

  • Learn how a mixing console works (and what all those knobs do)
  • Discover the EQ secrets that make a mix sound great
  • Improve the sound of the pastor, singers, and instruments
  • Get better sound from the gear you already have
  • Download the free mobile app with helpful tips and tools
  • And much more

There are ever increasing expectations placed on volunteer church sound techs and other technical production team members. That's not a bad thing. The travesty is that many of our willing volunteers are often charged with delivering exceptionally professional results with nary a hint of adequate training or supporting resources (other than perhaps a prayer that "the pastor's mic doesn't squeal again this week").

This SECOND EDITION addresses many of the needs expressed by thousands of volunteer church sound techs as they faithfully navigate weekly worship services and special events.

Several enhancements and organizational changes have been made in order to make this a more complete training guide, not only for volunteers, but for church leaders desiring to empower their team with the tools for audio excellence.

Here are a few of the new and expanded areas:

  • Discussion about in-ear monitors and how to use them
  • More references to digital mixing consoles and their features
  • Expanded section dedicated exclusively to EQ
  • Specific tips for compression and other effects
  • Advice for live streaming worship services and events
  • Microphone placement tips and illustrations
  • Insight for churches considering tech upgrades or repair
  • Tools for leaders who want to find and train new sound team members
  • More than 80 illustrations included throughout the text
  • Segmented sections and chapters for easy navigation of topics
  • Glossary of common audio terms used in the book
  • Updated mobile app designed as a companion live sound resource

Thank you to all the readers and reviewers of the first edition for your helpful comments, critique, suggestions, and encouragement. This book is for you and your church. My hope is that it may continue to be of value to you as you endeavor in the incredibly important role of delivering great church sound for your community.


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ISBN: 9780996642316
ISBN-10: 0996642315
Publisher: Great Sound Institute
Publication Date: April 16th, 2019
Pages: 320
Language: English