High Schools in Crisis: What Every Parent Should Know (Paperback)

High Schools in Crisis: What Every Parent Should Know By Richard Handley, Ellen Hall Cover Image

High Schools in Crisis: What Every Parent Should Know (Paperback)

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This book exposes the degree of rage today's teenagers feel and how our nation's schools are failing them, not just academically, but in just about every way imaginable. Hall and Handley propose practical techniques, procedures, and core values that can make high school a safe learning environment once again. Drawing from their many years of experience administering a high school that provided a safe and fulfilling learning environment, they introduce readers to teaching techniques, administrative policies, and design ideas that encourage students to speak out, express their indomitable idealism, and feel welcome and accepted.

The learning process works best when students are supported, encouraged, and accepted. The authors tell the story of a special school--Mountain View--that upholds a strong belief in the value of each student through smaller classes, experiential learning, and an awareness of community in and out of school. This book describes the journeys of students who were angry, unsure, or struggling with various labels of learning disabilities, as well as students who were successful in the traditional educational system but sought more opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Their stories are told in the context of how to build and run a school that is keenly attuned to teenagers' needs. Twenty Questions for Parents help to pinpoint issues and difficulties children may be struggling with. Also included is a bibliography of helpful sources and suggested readings. In keeping with the efforts of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support small high schools around the United States, this book provides a blueprint for parents, school districts, and communities.

ELLEN HALL is director of Oak Grove School, an alternative pre-K-12 school in Ojai, California, and the author of Listen to Your Inner Voice (2001).RICHARD HANDLEY is a features reporter for the Ventura County Reporter.
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Publication Date: March 30th, 2004
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