Blink of an Eye by Louisa Scarr

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Blink of an Eye

by Louisa Scarr

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Softback 384

ISBN: 9781800323506-UK

  • Published: 19 May 2022
  • Classifications:
  • Crime & mystery
  • Thriller / suspense


Five friends meet. Only four come home. On Christmas morning, DS Robin Butler has no plans to celebrate.

He'll be glad to get back to work - a wish that comes true sooner than he anticipates. A dog walker at a local beach has discovered five unresponsive people strewn across the shingle. By the time Robin arrives, one is pronounced dead, and the other four are being treated in hospital.

DC Freya West is less than pleased when the romantic day with her boyfriend is scuppered, but duty calls. As she and Butler speak to those involved, it's clear something is being left unsaid. They claim they are friends, and that they don't know how one of the group was killed.

But why are they so cagey? A cold case investigation unlocks some answers about the history between the beach-going gang, yet they're tight-lipped about what prompted them to meet on Christmas Eve. Butler and West are getting nowhere, and their partnership is about to face another test. When Freya wants to come clean about events in her past, it's not just her neck on the line, but Robin's too.

Can their relationship survive if their pact of silence is broken? The thrilling new instalment from policing's most dauntless duo. Perfect for fans of Cara Hunter, Jane Casey and Susie Steiner. Praise for Blink of an Eye'A thrilling and unusual mystery, spiced with sadness, masterfully unspooling past secrets into present danger.

Butler and West would make high quality Sunday night network television.' Dominic Nolan, author of Vine Street

'Butler and West are fast becoming my favourite detective partnership... Addictive reading!' Alison Belsham, author of The Tattoo Thief

'The untangling of the long-held web of lies from The Five was expertly done... the story telling seems so effortlessly easy, and before you know it, you're chapters in and can't stop.' Fliss Chester, author of A Dangerous Goodbye

'Blink of an Eye is a blindingly brilliant return to the Butler and West series, with a tight-knit and claustrophobic friendship group at the core of its mystery.  The chemistry between detectives Freya and Robin is the absolute star of the show - the twists and turns of their partnership will leave you desperate for more. Cannot recommend this series enough!' Heather Critchlow

'I've just raced through Blink of an Eye and couldn't put it down. A Christmas Day body found on a beach, and a suspicious group of old friends...What's not to love! Tense, brilliant plotting and the perfect duo.' Rachael Blok, author of The Fall'


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