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What is The Mysterious Book Subscription?  

The Mysterious Book Subscription is a mystery that is a mystery each month!  You can purchase the subscription as a gift for yourself or for someone who loves to read!  We offer a variety of subscription types that are certain to please a wide variety of adventurous readers.  The 'indecisive' plans are a hybrid of two plans in case your tastes fall into multiple mystery genres.  We also offer the Book Club plan for those who prefer books outside of the mystery genre, but still want to receive a surprise each month. 

How does The Mysterious Book Subscription work?  

Step 1:

Choose the subscription plan that best aligns with your mystery reading style.  We offer 3 indecisive subscriptions if you want to a bit more variety or can't decide between two types of plans.

Step 2: 

 Choose your biliing terms.  You can select to be billed quarterly, bi-yearly or once per year.  Plans are available for both paperback OR hardcover. 
*Please note, the books in a hardcover subscription are NOT the same selections as the paperback subscription.*

Step 3:

Pay and go!  Your subscription will ship between the 18th-25th of each month. 
If you have purchased your subscription on or after the 19th of the month, your subscription delivery will begin the following month.  

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