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Five Favorite...

WW II Thrillers

No period has been more fertile for the production of excellent espionage thrillers than World War II.

Richard G., Pittsburgh PA

The Unlikely Spy ($9.99) by Daniel Silva

Silva's first book and I sometimes think he should have stopped right there. The Unlikely Spy is a fascinating WW II era thriller, wholly original and a joy to read. It pits a fumbling, inept history prof against a smooth and ruthless spy who is determined to uncover the secrets of D-Day. Terrific fun.


World at Night ($15) by Alan Furst

World at Night begins on the day Germany invades Belgium. Film producer Jean Casson is the central character in this novel and the subsequent Red Gold, which should be read in order. Furst creates a compelling picture of life during the war, the exploits of the resistance as well as individuals forced to survive and reluctantly forced to choose sides

The Eagle Has Landed ($7.99) by Jack Higgins

Easily my favorite novel by Higgins and I think his best by a long chalk. A desperate Hitler sets in motion a plan to kill or kidnap Churhill using a disgraced but brave army officer who is no Nazi but grasps at a chance to restore himself and his men to military service. An Irish IRA man with no scruples in the pay of the Germans and a bitter English widow ready to betray her country round out the cast. 

Eye of the Needle ($13.95) by Ken Follett

Follett goes far beyond the limits of the espionage thriller in this compelling novel about the secret of D-Day. A ruthless German assassin and a feisty Englishwoman on a remote island are the major characters in a tense drama that keeps you guessing. 


White Flag Down ($7.99) by Joel N. Ross

hree unlikely allies.A desperate pursuit across Europe. A document to change the outcome of World War II. In September 1942, Hitler orders a final offensive to capture Stalingrad. Yet three weeks later, the German assault suddenly--inexplicably--stops. As silence falls over the eastern front, an American airman, a Russian major, and a Swiss journalist uncover secret negotiations between Germany and Russia for a second non-aggression Pact--a truce that would open the floodgates for German domination of the Western world. They race to find the mysterious document that holds the key to the negotiations. But they're not the only ones in pursuit, and time is running out. 


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